Shining Wind: Xecty Ein (Military Uniform ver) [Figure] by Kotobukiya

Shining Wind: Xecty Ein (Military Uniform ver) [Figure] by Kotobukiya
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  • based on the series Shining Wind
  • manufactured by Kotobukiya
  • imported from Japan

  • A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The massively popular PlayStation 2 game Shining Wind has spawned an entire series of stunning Kotobukiya Ani*Statues. The latest is an all-new version of Xecty Ein, one of Baelgard's four guardians, an artificial life form created by Hiruda from Celestia's genetic material. There have been other versions of the character, but this is the first time she has appeared in her iconic military uniform, captured walking with one hand on her hip and the other clutching her soul sword, Sword of Emperors Excelion. Her uniform features painstaking attention to detail with an intricate sculpt. The long dark green jacket is covered in subtle clothing details like stitching, folds, & hems. Different layers & straps add additional colors in white, gray, & black. Her facial expression is serene as she looks slightly askance with her huge violet eyes. Sculpted by Hirotoshi Nakamura, Xecty is approx. 8" H (in 1/8 scale with other Shining Wind Ani*Statues).

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