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Transformers: MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron [Action Figure] by Takara

Transformers: MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron [Action Figure] by Takara
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  • In robot mode, Megatron measures approx 30cm tall
  • amazing articulation including moveable fingers
  • includes energy flail weapon, plus his blaster gun and laser dagger
  • also includes Kremzeek figure
  • Transformers Generation 1
  • Manufactured by Takara Tomy
  • Imported from Japan

  • Note: This is pre-order for the re-release scheduled in Jan 2008.

    Images shown are of the unpainted prototype of MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron. The actual item will be a pre-painted, poseable action figure.

    In the beginning (1984), Takara said, "Let there be a Megatron toy." It was the best transformable gun-to-robot toy ever made and Takara saw that it was good. Over two decades later, Takara Tomy said, "Let there be a Masterpiece Megatron," and Takara Tomy will see to it that the upcoming release of the Masterpiece Megatron will be worthy of its "Masterpiece" title.

    The megalomaniacal leader of the Decepticons finally gets the Masterpiece treatment that he deserves, and will be fully transformable into a Walther P-38, as he was originally designed to be in both the Transformers G1animated series and toy versions. Megatron's Walther P-38 gun mode will be an oversized version of the gun in order for Megatron's robot mode to be in the same size and height as the Masterpiece Convoy/Optimus Prime. Megatron would certainly not be able to exude his intimidating presence in robot mode had Takara Tomy decided to go with an accurately-scaled representation of a Walther P-38, which would greatly reduce Megatron's height in robot mode.

    In gun mode, albeit oversized, it is a perfect representation of a Walther P-38 semi-automatic pistol commonly used by the Nazi Germans during World War II (and by Lupin III...hmmm...!), and with hardly any visible toy-like attributes! The exact length of the pistol is not known at this time, but the scope measures 23cm in length and comes with an LED light inside the scope! The pistol also comes with a working trigger and safety lever -- now that's attention to detail!

    In robot mode, Megatron measures 30cm tall to the top of his head and 34cm tall to the top of his gun barrel attached to his back. Megatron's robot mode is decked out with glorious mechanical detail and body proportions that are faithful to the animated show's design, most noteworthy being the brilliant work done on the head sculpt. Made of diecast metal and ABS plastic, this will be a fully articulated action figure, right down to his individually posable fingers. He will come armed with an energy flail weapon, plus his blaster gun and laser dagger as used in the Transformers animated movie that dealt a fatal blow to Optimus Prime. A special Kremzeek figure is also included.

    Item is kept in it's original packaging. Ships in a box to ensure item arrives in perfect condition.

    Important Note:
    Due to US laws on imitation toy guns, MP-05 has a slight modification. The modification involves putting an orange tip to the muzzle. This is professionally done by our Japanese distributor. The modification will NOT affect the transformation process.

    What does this mean to you?
    MP-05 will not be in sealed packages as they are opened in order to make the modification. Aside from the unsealed box and the orange tip, MP-05 figure is guaranteed to be in brand new, mint condition.

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