Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts Kai: Dragoon [Action Figure] by Square Enix

Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts Kai: Dragoon [Action Figure] by Square Enix
ID: 7295
UPC/EAN: 4988601320733

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  • ID: 7295
  • UPC/EAN: 4988601320733
  • approx 11 in (28 cm) tall
  • based on the series Final Fantasy Variant
  • manufactured by Square Enix


    The Variant PLAY ARTS KAI series was first established when our designers, sculptors, and engineers came together to create a line of action figures that showcased our pursuit of a unique style that stays true to the spirit of a character?s original design with a sharp and edgy twist all our own. And now we are collaborating with one of the biggest names in video games: FINAL FANTASY!

    In addition to the poseability of our PLAY ARTS KAI, a beautiful form and ornately textured armor makes this action figure a distinct masterpiece. This figure brings together all the elements that made this classic FINAL FANTASY character so alluring! DRAGOON The Dragoon Knight is one of the most iconic roles in the FINAL FANTASY series, appearing in numerous titles within the franchise. Now we bring you a Dragoon Knight with a brand-new look, re-imagined in the style of our Variant action figure line! His inner suit is embellished with the texture of a dragon's scales, and his outer armor has a smooth and streamlined design. Wielding his spear with ease, the Dragoon's muscles are structured to have the resilience and movement befitting a knight who soars through the air like a dragon. With the beautiful contrast of the outer armor's metallic sheen and the matte paintwork of the inner suit, this figure is sure to move the heart of collectors. Figure includes accessory parts such as lance, sword, sheath, clawed sheath clasp, exchangeable hands and figure display stand.

    Item is new and unopened in original packaging.

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