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DX Soul of Chogokin: Mazinger Z [Action Figure] by Bandai

DX Soul of Chogokin: Mazinger Z [Action Figure] by Bandai
ID: 4783
UPC/EAN: 4543112757524

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  • ID: 4783
  • UPC/EAN: 4543112757524
  • approx 11.8 in (30 cm) tall
  • based on the series Mazinger Z
  • produced by Bandai

  • Forty years after the birth of Mazinger Z, fifteen years after the debut of the Soul of Chogokin, the DX Model represents the cutting edge of history. This large scale product towers nearly two times the size of previous Soul of Chogokin and Super Robot Chogokin toys, standing at roughly 300mm, and incorporating revolutionary new features for the Soul of Chogokin series including detailed mechanical inner workings, first time ever light-sound gimmick, and a full hangar facility for total storage.

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