Batman Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai: Joker [Action Figure] by Square Enix

Batman Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai: Joker [Action Figure] by Square Enix
ID: 4258
UPC/EAN: 662248811253

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  • ID: 4258
  • UPC/EAN: 662248811253
  • approx 8.9 in (22.5 cm) tall
  • based on the series Batman Arkham Asylum
  • manufactured by Square Enix

  • The insane criminal mastermind, The Joker. from BATMAN™: Arkham Asylum, has been made as PLAY ARTS -KAI- action figure.

    An exact opposite of Batman™, The Joker is an owner of a thin and eerie physique. The unmistakable qualities of evil and chaos has been injected into The Joker action figure.

    The eerie reflection of his eye and the crack of his smile is made with meticulous attention to detail to instill a sense of macabre.

    The chaotic makeup, disrupted hair, and frightening smile has been enhanced with painstaking details to create a truly ghoulish face.

    The worn purple striped suit, bow necktie, corsage, frill showing from his sleeves. These are a few of the details put into this stylish rendition of The Joker. While markedly thinner than Batman™, he commands an uncompromising presence.

    A unique action pose befitting of The Joker™. Due to enhanced and strong joints, even ominous poses can be made with class.

    Additional Parts:
  • ·Joker Teeth
  • ·The Gun
  • ·Left Hand: Closed Fist
  • ·Right Hand: “The Gun” Grip Hand

    Item is kept in it's original packaging. Ships in a box to ensure item arrives in perfect condition.

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