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Marvel Studios: Fall of The Hulks: Red Hulk Fine Art Statue [Statue] by Kotobukiya

Marvel Studios: Fall of The Hulks: Red Hulk Fine Art Statue [Statue] by Kotobukiya
ID: 2714
UPC/EAN: 603259999820

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  • ID: 2714
  • UPC/EAN: 603259999820
  • Based on the work of Hulk artist Ed McGuinness
  • Sculpted by Eric Sosa in exquisite detail
  • Stands approx. 13 in tall (1/6th scale)
  • Comes with 2 heads - evilly grinning and enraged - for versatile display
  • Volcanic landscape georama base connects to Hulk Statue to form a battle scene
  • based on the series Marvel Comics
  • manufactured by Kotobukiya

  • A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! In 2008, Marvel Comics' Jade Giant met his match in the Red Hulk. Massively powerful & frighteningly intelligent, he has all of the Hulk's strengths -- and none of his weaknesses. Based on Ed McGuinness's stunning art, the Red Hulk rampages across a volcanic landscape, preparing a lethal blow. The brute is covered in rippling muscles, and the intricate sculpt highlights every sinew & fiber. The paint captures his skin's subtle crimson gradations. A dark, smoky gray appears on his shredded pants, close-cropped hair, and finger & toe nails. Gleaming white teeth contrast against his gaping maw, while his beady eyes shine with a hellish yellow. The Red Hulk can be displayed with one head grinning evilly, or another enraged head crisscrossed by a yellow "X". Sculpted by Eric Sosa, Red Hulk stands almost 13" tall (1/6th scale), leaping from his exclusive "georama" base, which will connect to the base of the upcoming Hulk Statue to form a dynamic battle scene!

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