Final Fantasy Crisis Core Play Arts: Set of 3 ~ Cloud, Zack, Aerith [Action Figure] by Square Enix

Final Fantasy Crisis Core Play Arts: Set of 3 ~ Cloud, Zack, Aerith [Action Figure] by Square Enix
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  • complete set of 3 action figures: Cloud, Zack, Aerith
  • approx 8.9 in (22 cm) tall
  • multiple points of articulation
  • includes accessories
  • prepainted PVC figure
  • window box packaging
  • based on the series Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Play Arts
  • Produced by Square Enix
  • Imported from Japan

  • Crisis Core is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII. After a genetic experiment by the SHINRA corporation goes wrong, Soldier 1st Class Genesis finds his body rapidly deteriorating. Enraged, Genesis turns his anger toward SHINRA, seeking to destroy anything and everything connected to the organization.

    Cloud, a young member of Shinra, dreams of one day becoming a SOLDIER but fears that this dream may never be realized. Zack, seeing something of himself in the young Cloud, takes him under his wing and becomes his mentor.

    Zack is a young SOLDIER working for the Shinra Company. Following in the footsteps of his mentor Angeal, his dream is to become the greatest SOLDIER ever known. While he is ambitious, he is also known to be impatient and rash, traits which have gotten him into trouble on many occasions.

    Aerith is a young girl living deep in the slums of Midgar. Dreaming of one day seeing the sky, Aerith tends flowers that grow in an old and abandoned church deep underground. By chance Aerith meets Zack and the world changes for the both of them. However, it seems Shinra also has a strange interest in Aerith...

    Item is kept in it's original packaging. Ships in a box to ensure item arrives in perfect condition.

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