Revoltech No.026 fs Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Mass Production (Weapon) [Action Figure] by Kaiyodo

Revoltech No.026 fs Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Mass Production (Weapon) [Action Figure] by Kaiyodo
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  • Revoltech Series No. 26 fs
  • Revoltech 2nd Generation
  • Weapon version
  • limited release version
  • approximately 5" (13cm) tall
  • also known as: EVA-Mass Production, MP EVA, Harpies, EVA-05
  • comes with 2 weapons plus other accessories
  • Produced by Kaiyodo
  • Imported from Japan

  • RevolTech Joint (or Revoltech) is an innovative joint system that allows the figure to demonstrate any kind of realistic pose. You can pose it to mimic all your favorite action scenes. It's definitely worthy of the name Action Figure!

    From the classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, by Hideaki Anno, comes Revoltech EVA Mass Production (MP). Mass Production Evangelions (or MP EVA) appear in The End of Evangelion as Units 05-13. They have no real pilots, rather, they are controlled directly by SEELE via Kaworu's Dummy Plug system. Their physical build is different from previous Evas, being narrower in the chest and shoulders and wider in the hips, but the greatest difference is in the head. Rather than humanoid, the head is streamlined and vaguely cetacean in appearance. The most striking feature of the MP EVAs are their large, mechanical, avian-style wings that enable them to fly, and which can be fully retracted into their back. Their main weapon is a Heavy Lance which transforms into a gray replica of the Lance of Longinus (Spear of Destiny).

    Revoltech EVA Mass Production (MP EVA) is released in 2 versions: Wing and Weapon. The figure is approx 5-6" tall and has multiple articulation points.

    Revoltech No.026 EVA Mass Production (Wing) comes with giant wings and a set of interchangeable hands.

    Revoltech No.026fs EVA Mass Production (Weapon) is a limited release version and comes with the Lance of Longinus, Heavy Lance, a set of interchangeable hands, plus other accessories.

    This listing is for Revoltech No.026fs EVA Mass Production (Weapon) only.
    Revoltech No.026 EVA Mass Production (Wing) is sold separately and available in our store.

    Item is kept in it's original packaging. Ships in a box to ensure item arrives in perfect condition.

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