Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts vol 3 Jack Sparrow [Figure] by Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts vol 3 Jack Sparrow [Figure] by Square Enix
ID: 2192
UPC/EAN: 662248808260

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  • ID: 2192
  • UPC/EAN: 662248808260
  • approx 4.4 in (11 cm) tall
  • blister card packaging
  • based on the series Kingdom Hearts
  • Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Series 1
  • Manufactured by Square Enix
  • Imported from Japan

  • In the best-selling Kingdom Hearts video game series, a young hero named Sora must travel across different worlds to defeat the darkness that threatens to destroy the multiverse. Along the way, he will make many allies and enemies, all of them drawn from the worlds of Disney!

    Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Vol. 3 adds 3 new figures to the popular collection of miniatures that you can assemble and display -- Queen Minnie Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sora himself!

    Legendary pirate and self proclaimed Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow seeks to regain his ship the Black Pearl from his mutinous first mate Hector Barbossa. In Kingdom Hearts II Jack joins with Sora to help defeat the undead pirates in Port Royal.

    Item is kept in it's original packaging. Ships in a box to ensure item arrives in perfect condition.

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